Pulut Tatal #Nyonya Kuih Series # 3_R1

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    1. author

      Joey Tay2 years ago


    2. author

      Sam W Foong2 years ago

      I find Absolutely Interesting for Mdm Agnes Chang to speak 2 languages fluently…. If anyone having Headache with 2 languages…Go take Panadol Extra…Bravo to Agnes… She speaks fluently in 2 languages with ease and explained real well… 👍 👍 👍 👏 👌 Just loved the program…

    3. author

      wednesdaychild2 years ago


    4. author

      annietge2 years ago

      This chef is super !Is not easy to use two languages at the same time .I love it because she explained it so clearly in both languages.

    5. author

      zhang chen2 years ago

      She is very good , why complaint.Go and take panadol if you have headache.

    6. author

      Aki Ng2 years ago


    7. author

      Magdalena Setiawan2 years ago

      Menyenangkan membaca resep2 kue tradisional… terima kasih..!!

    8. author

      Minh ly2 years ago

      Good, learning from two languages cooking is excellent

    9. author

      Leza Cheya2 years ago

      I saw you make a lot of the njonja kuih ,do you know how to make "chiack bie sho".It is a disappearing recipe.Hopefully some one will remember this delicious snack . My grandma used to make it ,but I was too young to learn.

    10. author

      Meg Tan2 years ago

      Bunga tatal?? First time I hear of this Name

    11. author

      ikansusu2 years ago

      This is the original Master Chef , i learned a lot from her cookbooks in my early years when there was no Youtube yet! Its a blessing to watch her teaching her recipes with no holds barred and all her secret tips revealed! Keep up the good work Agnes.

    12. author

      ZILAH2 years ago

      Cakap malay auntie..

    13. author

      何雪儿2 years ago


    14. author

      nal d2 years ago

      thank you for sharing

    15. author

      Harjeet Kaur2 years ago

      Very good thanks

    16. author

      wednesdaychild2 years ago

      👴👋🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍👍👍well done.

    17. author

      Charlene Wong2 years ago

      Should have speak Mandarin with english substitles or vice versa. Quite long winded. Bore after sometime.

    18. author

      Shirley Chitra Karan2 years ago

      Free lessons. Tq. Used to buy yr Vcd…such intelligent lady. Able to speak both Mandarin and English so fluently. So much of attemps made to benefit others. I will not complaint when you are not complaining how difficult you have to speak both languages at the same time. Keep up the good videos.

    19. author

      Yin Koo2 years ago

      Too many languages resulting in video being too long

    20. author

      kathy2 years ago

      I got headache listen to you speak English and Chinese please just one language 🙃🙃


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