Pepe, Kek, and the Rise of an Elder God


Pepe, Kek, and the Rise of an Elder God

The Pepe/Kek phenomenon is far more than just an amusing meme; it’s a manifestation of Azatoth, the blind, idiot god of laughter, and its danger should not be underestimated.


The Twofold Nature of the Sexes:

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    1. author

      John Evesham1 year ago

      I was interested until he mentioned Moloch. You lose your credibility with shit like that.

    2. author

      Rack The Jipper1 year ago

      Re watching this now over a year in to Trumps presidency and what Davis is saying seems to be coming true. Trump is turning on us.

    3. author

      Paul Hoffman1 year ago

      Guess who else has a female and male form and is renown for being a "god" of chaos and darkness before the dawn: Baphomet or Lucifer. "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!"~ Isaiah 14:12

      Lucifer is using the *old occultic strategy of hegelian dialectics of interposing Molech on one side and Kek on the other while squeezing Biblical Christianity in between.

    4. author

      German Thiemann1 year ago

      kek is not just a god awoke. He is not an idol or meme. he's a mirror showing irony and cucksuckers.

    5. author

      Br00tal D00dlez1 year ago

      The Egyptians sacrificed blood to Anhur, Apep Set, and even KEK! faggot.

    6. author

      Davinci Dude1 year ago

      Sometimes I feel so enlightened.Sometimes I feel so lost.
      I've learned to remember every image I see.But Kek & pepe are suprizingly new to me.
      I've been seeing them all over,but ignoring them.I went to Trumps rally in Lansing MI.I could see how brutally honest and real he is.He may not be a saint but God can use anyone.
      As I watch Disney with my granddaughter,listen to new music & internet memes with my youngest daughter or watch any news,I see evil and how people are becoming programed.
      Everybody's confused about their gender! I don't mean gay's either,The whole non/bi gender movement is CRAZY!

    7. author

      sean wilson1 year ago

      I dont think you understand the point of Pepe and Kek. This is the tool that people use to express there freedom of speech. Also this isnt a cult you should read some books on cult mentality, it will help you identify them in the future

    8. author

      James Tomlin1 year ago

      You christfaggots, Jews, Muslims and other false idol worshipers will pay for the atrocities your ancestors committed in the name of your false gods 🙂 they come

    9. author

      James Tomlin1 year ago

      Burn it allllll to the ground
      The old gods are coming back <3 glory be to keku as he ushers in their return

    10. author

      Camel761 year ago

      Blacks in the US and in Africa consistently score lower on IQ tests than whites in the US and Europe, and Asians.

    11. author

      smoke hazard1 year ago

      Bring back our lord.

    12. author

      Nicko Persilion1 year ago

      If I may, the scriptures say that these unclean spirits are "like frogs" and that they "come out".
      That is to say, the very concept of "rising up" is foreign to those unclean spirit.

      All a frog can do is jump pathetically around in the mud, swim pathetically around in the mud, copulate loudly in the mud (in a cacophonic concert of croaking, because the frogs that croak the loudest wins, the whole thing that actually sound like hysterical laughter if you experience it first hand in a wild area, being next to an actual pond full of sex frenzied frogs during the matin season will drive you crazy), lay eggs in the mud, and eventually burry itself back into the mud, go into hibernation, waiting for the next mating cycle if it survived.

    13. author

      Vixon Von Trollington1 year ago

      Kek is love, Kek is life.

    14. author

      Hakenkreuz1 year ago

      Oh this was an anti-Pepe video?!. Hmm ,shit , made me like the whole idea. Good to see the masses waking up , rejecting the left wing tyranny we live in. Good luck little frog.

    15. author

      Shibe1 year ago

      Praise KEKISTAN

    16. author

      Dr Hamilton1 year ago

      Uhhh holy shit, are you Bob Baeza from Gulf City News????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. author

      Robert Davis1 year ago

      KEK had tadpoles, make a meme.

    18. author

      Rekt 'HAPA' Exposed1 year ago

      What do you think of Alexander Dugin and his chaos symbol? it use to be the symbol of the traditional workers' party. I am curious of what your thoughts are on this davis?

    19. author

      amoruniversitas1 year ago

      It’s similar to reptilians they’re old and they don’t have sides there just here I think there may be a connection

    20. author

      Irving Silverman1 year ago

      I pray to Kek.


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