Mee Goreng – 印度炒面

Mee Goreng - 印度炒面

Mee Goreng Mamak is the indian version fried noodles that is also sweet savoury and spicy all at the same time! The signature red spicy noodle captures the harmonized notes of flavours which just explodes in your mouth. The colours come from the slight red colouring added to the sambal chili. Our rendition of this recipe usually contains seafood like prawns and sometimes other ingredients like chicken, finished off with a dollop of sweet ketchup on the side with fresh cucumbers…mmm!!

It is truly a one “wok” wonder that you can whip up for your family in minutes!

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    1. author

      mp arthur2 years ago

      Cabbage? No way!

    2. author

      roflowned2 years ago

      prawns and noodles are overcooked. Too much liquid was also used. Started to look like a pasta at one point. When working with noodles/pasta, don't play with the ladle too much. It looked like chopped up strands of noodles (not really noodles). Use the wok and ladle to fold/turn the noodles at the end, not mince it up in the middle.

    3. author

      Lee Harvey2 years ago

      yup, really look like mamak mee goreng

    4. author


      What the fuck with all this overcook and nasty comments. First of all he is guide and teaching us how to cook. Second u don't have to follow his cooking method to make the prawn overcook. Come on u don't have to be "smart ass " to judge his method. U guys need to chill and shut the fuck up. Lazyass gordon Ramsay wannabes shit face dog ass fucker cum.

    5. author

      Debbie Lim2 years ago

      The prawns do look a tad overcooked but for those thinking the noodles are too wet, it's supposed to be like that. This is usually what you'll get at mamak eateries, at least for me anyway. This is a recipe for mee goreng mamak, not chinese char mee so the cooking style is a little different.

    6. author

      siti aisyah2 years ago

      I actually like your version of mee goreng :).

    7. author

      House Bunny2 years ago


    8. author

      1278 2772 years ago

      Fry so long, they look mushy

    9. author

      Ony's Kitchen2 years ago

      u must put the egg at first, n all the vegetable in end, n too much tomato sc sc n lime (honest not use that igredients 😄) , ussually mie goreng always use sweet soy sc 😊

    10. author

      gagnant re2 years ago

      Mee Goreng is an indonesian dishes, not Indian,
      mee (mie) or Noodle in indonesia, and goreng which means fried.

    11. author

      Clement Ang2 years ago

      Noodles added too early.

    12. author

      theibrahimify2 years ago

      wow wonderful recipe.die die must try.the idea of blanching the mee and the other ingredients with a few tablespoons of water is ingenious and adding the sambal later is a masterstroke and the F word is Fabulous. Thanks subscribed.

    13. author

      CloverLemon2 years ago

      Hello, do I have to precash the noodle first ?

    14. author

      Muhaini Salleh2 years ago

      look so delicious !!

    15. author

      vee austria2 years ago

      i just love your channel , i love the way its presented and with no nonsense cooking, all straight forward cooking thank you thank you thank you , have learned a lot with your style of cooking

    16. author

      Sasi Kumar2 years ago

      Noodles Look OverCooked

    17. author

      Nisha Hanink2 years ago

      Looks soooo good. I just found your channel and can't stop watching. Where do I find the recipe for the sambal you used?? Mmmmm keep making these great videos!!❤️

    18. author

      Tan li li janet2 years ago

      bean sprouts &prawn is over cook. .

    19. author

      Alex Alex2 years ago

      you got a lot of kay kiang masterchef viewers

    20. author

      Toy Story2 years ago

      i like punggol mee goreng.. i wonder how they do it!


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