Kuliah Tidak Penting

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Subtitles for this video are available. Click the “CC’ Button. Andovi da lopez akhirnya lulus dari fakultas hukum Universitas Indonesia. Akhirnya Wisuda.
This is for you mum and dad. Thank you.
And thank you to my brothers and my friends.
And thanks to everyone who supported me. Love you all.

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    1. author

      skinnyindonesian243 years ago

      This is for you mum and dad.
      Thank you to my brothers and my friends and everybody else that supported me.
      Couldn't have done this without you all.
      Love you. – Andovi da Lopez, S.H.

      Edit. There are Subtitles for this video. Click the "CC" button for subtitles.

    2. author

      Mochamad Dietrich3 years ago

      its is great when your parents understand you and know how to support in the hard times

    3. author

      Yoga Uzumaki3 years ago

      Bahasa indo lahhh bangggggv

    4. author

      salma zhu3 years ago

      Judul instrumennya apa?

    5. author

      Khibar Pranoto3 years ago

      Shit!! Gua hampir nangis lihat video ini..
      Gua ngerti banget rasanya itu bro!!

    6. author

      Elsa Septiane3 years ago

      Aaaa baper parah :"

    7. author

      merryy yy3 years ago

      inspirasi hidup gua banget:(

    8. author

      MASGIB3 years ago


    9. author

      Leni puspitasari3 years ago

      Menyentuh banget kata katanya kaa❤terus semangat ya ka semoga karirnya di permudah. Perbanyak vidio vidio motivasinya ka, biar semua orang gak berfikiran negatif karena pendidikan itu nggak penting😿

    10. author

      Dini Praba3 years ago

      Semoga bisa lulus juga….

    11. author

      Aodaili Tan3 years ago

      OMG, me too kak. My passion and education is different ;w; People always asked me why I wanna pursue being a doctor when my passion is art. I really like drawing and due to immense practice every single day, people viewed my "hard work" as "talent". Tbh I got no problems with that, but then people started questioning me and getting their noses into my business way too deep and asked me the question I'd do anything to avoid; "kenapa lo mau jadi dokter kalo lo suka gambar? kenapa ga jadi illustrator aja?"

      I've tried becoming an illustrator, and to be completely honest with you, I see that path as much more promising. I got clients and customers and I gathered money real quick. But that's not what I want to pursue for a living. I want it as a hobby, while the education path I chose, there's passion in it too, although I can't show it because I got no talents at all. My one and only talent is the will to work hard, and due to the ignorance of education I had in SD and SMP, it was a tad bit too late. Now I have to study everything again from the beginning and work extra hard to pay off all those years I slacked off. But I believe, everybody have different paths, and none of them are predictable.

      You finished what you started, and that's very admirable. In my case, I'll try my best to start what I desire, and of course, finish everything on time.

      K this has been a novella, but if you guys read this, thank you so much for taking your time to do so! ;w; I wish your youtube career all the best, semangaatt!! >3<)/

    12. author

      Ananda Ilham Mulia3 years ago

      agak pusing dengan narasinya 🙂

    13. author

      moist faucet3 years ago

      jaman sekarang, bukan masalah apa yg kamu tahu, tapi siapa yg kamu kenal. apa yg kamu tahu, bukan cuma kamu yg tahu. planet ini ada 7.8 milyar orang.

    14. author

      Afiska Titis3 years ago

      tersentuh 💞

    15. author

      Rachma Gibran3 years ago

      Kerennn videonya, gue terharu

    16. author

      mattaw sambas3 years ago

      Oh.. That's good story.. You can do anything for this life.. Young dong brok

    17. author

      Heru Hermawan3 years ago

      hampir ngerti

    18. author

      Putu Yuni3 years ago

      Gw baru nonton ini gw paling suka part ini berasa dimotivasi im so proud with ur mom , my mom like ur mom too give support everything thanks kak andovi ….

    19. author

      Muhammad3 years ago

      Ngomong apa bang

    20. author

      Faizah Muthi3 years ago

      bang, I feel you :''
      thanks udh nyadarin gw


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