Baba Charlie’s House Of Kuih Nyonya, Malacca 马六甲峇峇娘惹糕制作

Baba Charlie's House Of  Kuih Nyonya, Malacca 马六甲峇峇娘惹糕制作

Inside  Baba Charlie’s Kitchen : Malacca’s Sweetest Temptations Are Here!
When in Malacca think beyond historical landmarks . Think great Nyonya kuih! Yes,if you find your way to Bab Charlie’s kitchen you will be sweetly rewarded with an enormous selection of sweet savouries and kuihs. …all done in traditional Nyonya style! ” Nyonya”  is a Malacca Malay-Chinese mixed marriage community that has a strong tradition in many things, one of which is their food. This video actually takes you right into the kitchen of Bab Charlie’s house cum food factory. Be amazed by the hive of activities right insdie as you witness kuih being made on the spot . Take your pick from the spread laid on the table freshly prepared from the kitchen. You will find Nyaonay dodol, tarts, dumplings, in a mixed variety of shapes and colours! Most of all, they absolutely taste good! The crowd seems to know what they are looking for alright. They leave with bags of selections every time! Come over and see what you can find!
Baba Charlie 的娘惹糕,在马六甲几乎无人不知。每日生产约40种娘惹糕,除了自行经营门市生意,也批发在各大酒店。 Baba Charlie 娘惹糕点到做法,承袭自父母,至今已有40年历史。

Address: 72C, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2, 75200 Melaka.
Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake
72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2C
75200 Melaka
Business hours: 10:30pm – 3pm (closed on Thursdays)
Tel: 019-666 2907 / 06-284 7209

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    1. author

      Krisina Phillips2 years ago

      Love all the kuih-kuih, sooo good to eat 😀 This reminds me of the good ole days ♡ Thanks for sharing!

    2. author

      abc 1232 years ago

      mungkin x halal

    3. author

      Kenzie Naufal2 years ago

      Mirip jajanan indonesia y… jadi ngiler….

    4. author

      Brightstar Lavandula2 years ago

      Tenangkan jiwa anda ye. Trimalah hakikat seadanya ye…

    5. author

      Tinama Tina2 years ago


    6. author

      kyle taylor brookes2 years ago

      Looks and tastes good but pls use gloves.

    7. author

      Ilse Kalicharan2 years ago

      What is sogo powder?

    8. author

      Putri Bungsu2 years ago

      Jajanan indo ma melayu sama,kebayanya pun sama,kuda lumpingnya pun sama,bahasanya pun hampir Sama,harusnya sesama tetangga saling bangga karna kita ada kesamaan.

    9. author

      Sugiharti Hendaryadi2 years ago

      Pasar senen di jakarta ….pasar subuh nmnya…

    10. author

      董敬节2 years ago


    11. author

      pimp Loy2 years ago


    12. author

      Christine Lee2 years ago

      I've tried his kueh.. not that great compared to what my cousin sister can do. I wish that when her mother was alive… we could've done something like this because her nyonya kueh was delicious! But then again this is a personal preference and not a professional review.

    13. author

      angel 1232 years ago

      wah da lm ngk pegi malaca ni.. jd kangen dgn jajanan nyonya yg enak banget tu..

    14. author

      Will anand2 years ago

      I have issues with how the food is handled plus the kitchen environment can be better.

    15. author

      Budo2 years ago

      Ini kue" khas Indonesia.. Smuanya..

    16. author

      FEFE Yau2 years ago

      dulu waktu aku kerja di singapore sering di ajak malaca Malaysia ,tiap mjikan beli kue kyak gini,gak pernah di kasih walaupon mkan di dlm mobil ,peliiiiiit bnget
      akhirnya ,di mjikan ini cuma setahun minta break karena malas ,
      dpt mjikan asli orang singapore baik makanan apa ja suruh beli ,apalagi kue kyak gini hmpir 2 minggu xxx mkan

    17. author

      Safu Safura2 years ago

      Walaupun kuihnya ramai orang muslim makan, tapi dari air tangan non muslim.. Kalau ragu2 jangan makan, biar kita makan masakan dari muslim, kerana lebih bersih..

    18. author

      Anne Corey2 years ago

      Beautiful Nyonya Kuching lots of them love it all thank you for sharing very good healthy food.

    19. author

      111AAA2 years ago

      Baba/peranakan Chinese cook SUPERB FOOD!!!


    20. author

      Syah Munah2 years ago

      Ini aku pernah masuk 1x.
      Mmg sedap. Tp sambalnya ala cina. Aku tak pandai makan.


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